Agnieszka Robak



Aga Robak is multidisciplinary artist, a Limerick School of Art and Design graduate of 2012 with a BA and first class honors in Ceramics.

In the last decade she have lived in 7 European countries and had a chance to work closely with ceramic artist and designers including Marek Cecula, Margaret O’Rourke and Elke Sada.

Currently as Artist in Residence at Husk Creative Space in London she is developing mixed media projects and collaborations with local and international artists.

Aga’s main interest is contrast between chaos and order. Finding new ways to investigate it, she had recently developed a body of mixed media collages that in time will evolve into 3d forms.

Experimentation and working with new materials is key in Aga’s practice as she’s applying the knowledge gained from ‘accidents’ in her finished pieces.


HUSK, London, April- October 2017

Own studio practice

Collaborations with local and international artist


Solo show, Husk, London, January 2017

Designers’ Open, Design Festival Leipzig, Germany, October 2014

Limerick School of Art and Design Graduate Show, Limerick, Ireland, June 2012

Cross Cultural Exhibition, Limerick (Ireland) and Quimper (France) November 2011

Polish Art Festival, Limerick, September 2011

Ceramics Ireland- Rathfarnham Castle Dublin, August 2011

RDS Craft Council of Ireland Show - Student Award finalist, Dublin, Ireland, August 2011

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