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Abbéy Odunlami is a Nigerian-American educator, curator and theorist (with a concentration in urban and cultural theory). His work as an art producer and cultural programmer has ranged from film festival programming, to public education projects, and lecture series. Abbéy’s curatorial practices researches and analyze contemporary modes of being; from subcultural organizing(s) to hybrid and post-colonial identities in the global perspective. As an educator he focuses on user experience with audience and viewer interpretation as a vital component to an exhibition. With a background spanning 10 plus years of managing international projects, arts and film festivals within an entrepreneurial environment.

Abbéy lives and works between Detroit, L.A. and Berlin.

Dissertation Title:

The Tourist, The Terrorist and The Waiter: the transcendental nature of the metropolis as tekné.

My work focuses on the lived space and the metropolis. Inquires into identity relational to the body and space (however virtual or applied).

Upcoming doctoral thesis project/exhibition -

"The Tourist, The Terrorist and The Waiter" est. 2018

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