Wychwood Art

Deddington, United Kingdom


  • Town Hall
  • Market Place
  • Deddington
  • England
  • OX15 0SE
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday by appointment please always call if you are making a special journey to make sure the gallery is open.

Travel Information

Train: The nearest parking is just outside the gallery in the Square.


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Discover new contemporary British artists at affordable prices with Wychwood Art. An exciting contemporary art gallery with price starting at £25 and go up to £7,000. You can buy online, email or call the gallery to discuss any works of art. The art gallery is based in the village of Deddington, Oxfordshire. Delivery to the U.K is free and we offer competitive delivery prices all over the world.    Please email or call 07799 535 765.

Wychwood Art represents over 200 living contemporary artists and each artwork is carefully selected by their Chief Art Curator who is an ex Christie's Director.

Exhibitions and events

Exhibiting Artists