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We Must Create




We Must Create (WMC) are an art commissioning organisation formed in Grimsby in 2016. Locally based, but with national and international ambition, WMC aim to develop and deliver high-quality arts projects by working with artists, individuals, communities, social organisations and companies. Their mission is to unlock creative potential through engaging with and making art.


Believed to be the first large-scale arts commissioning agency in this area, WMC are distinctive in their approach using corporate social responsibility capacity within organisations, tapping into support in kind, skills and volunteering and utilising this, along with funding, to create scaled-up projects that are bigger than budgets.


Founders Chris Lillywhite and Patrick Holley have extensive professional experience in the creative industries, art and education and organised four Lightworks events together from 2010-2013.  For more information visit: 

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