Vermilion Sands

Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Tagensvej 85, kld.
  • Copenhagen 2200
  • Denmark

Opening times

Wed: 12 - 17
Thur: 12 - 17
Fri: 12 - 17
Sat: 12 - 15


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Located in Copenhagen and opening in early 2016, Vermilion Sands is an exhibition space for local and international contemporary art with an emphasis on experimental strategies of curation, mediation and access.

Our approach acknowledges the importance of events such as talks, screenings, readings and performances as an essential part of the exhibition programme. In this way we aim to collaborate with artists and curators alongside practitioners from other fields with the intention to provide a fertile platform for a cross-semination of knowledge production. 

For the first year at Vermilion Sands, we are developing a programme concerned with mapping boundaries. The intention is -by embracing a variety of voices, approaches and positions- to activate conversations in the liminal zones between conventional thinking and understanding. Through this thematic structure we will rove across vague territories, wandering the porous margins between seemingly well-defined entities such as cartography and the nation state, human and non-human, text and image, nature and culture.

Vermilions Sands is initiated and run by artist Kevin Malcolm & curator Nikolaj Stobbe. To broaden the discussion beyond our range of vision we have invited guest curators to develop several exhibitions over the coming year.