London, United Kingdom


  • Afloat on the River Lea (north of Bow Roundabout off A12)
  • London E3 3BA
  • United Kingdom


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UNISON is a floating assembly space hosting workshops, readings, sound sessions and other experiments on an intimate scale, founded by AnastasiaFreygang.

The former life boat is cruising londons waterways, docking on at different locations, opening up for durational sessions. The transient nature of the endeavour allows for artists and practitioners to carry out their research, share findings and test ideas. The rsvp events are announced via mailinglist. Unison is a private place in this city, conceptually classifiable as a social space, but not hosting entertainment. Discours and active sensing are dominating the programme.


an oval space, vault like, off land and fitting up to 17 people  

UNISON was founded to create a shifting pocket

for non chronological recaps of past events and sessions visit:

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