Independent Space


Pescara, Italy


  • via raiale 161
  • Pescara
  • Abruzzo
  • 65128
  • Italy


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ULTRASTUDIO was founded in 2012 as a co-working space, from the renovation of a former industrial site on the outskirts of Pescara.

Conceived initially as open-space, separated only ideally into "rooms", has proven over the years its dual nature: on the one hand is a place of development of individualities, on the other manifests its interdisciplinary collaboration with private companies, cultural associations, music clubs in projects in the area and outside the region.

Over the years ULTRASTUDIO has deliberately kept a vocation elastic opening up to collaborations complex and often out of the ordinary coming to realize events of great character and getting awards and mentions of relief from various specialized channels in Italy and abroad.

ULTRASTUDIO is also a really valuable territory, coveted and known, in some ways unique.

Each year the group of artists who resides in space planning a packed program of events offering opportunities to meet through studio visits and happenings where you can follow the research of the individuals and learn about the cultural emerging realities hosted.

In 2015 ULTRASTUDIO decides to undertake further away starting a project of Artist Run Space transforming the central nave of the space in a gallery.

This last step completes the cultural offer and becomes three-dimensional.

From 2015 ULTRASTUDIO is in fact:

- Studio artists
- Co-working area
- Artist Run Space

Exhibiting artists