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Sat 2pm to 6pm


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TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between networked practice and its physical instantiation.

The gallery was founded in March 2013 to support artists working with computer-based practices by producing solo exhibitions and activations within our walls. In 2014 TRANSFER presented artwork at five international art fairs and curated 10 solo exhibitions in our Brooklyn-based gallery. Now entering its third year, TRANSFER is independently directed by co-founder Kelani Nichole.

Statement from the Director:

Today artists live, work and exhibit on the Internet.  They reach a networked global community, often embedding artworks in the everchanging context of streaming images, open data sources, and instant feedback mechanisms that constitute online public space. Their resulting body of work is sometimes best suited for the browser, but also develops beyond the screen into the physical space of the gallery.

TRANSFER operates as a gallery with a spirit of openness – a white cube testing new practices, malleable to accommodate these networked studios, both in curation and development in the contemporary art market. The gallery exists to explore new modes of support for distributed studio practices, and to discover formats for exhibition, collection and appreciation of the art that comes to you through the computer.

Kelani Nichole is an independent curator with a focus in networked culture, and a design strategist working at the intersection of art + technology

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