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  • 2313 Norwalk Ave
  • Los Angeles
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  • 90041-2926
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“A conference room and intelligence management center to monitor domestic and international events, provide current intelligence and crisis support, one-stop shop for sensitive information flowing into and out”
--Mission Statement for the WHITE HOUSE SITUATION ROOM

A place for artists, writers, comedians, architects, thinkers, community members, and concerned citizens to use as needed to support their creative practice. 

THE SITUATION ROOM is open free to the public, and can be reserved through a proposal-based process, with a focus on need and prioritizing artists who need, opportunities, space and who have particularly unique and interesting projects.  
Inquiries and proposals should be sent to:
There is no website or mailing list for The Situation Room. If you wish to be notified about future events, please 'like' The Situation Room facebook page. :) 

Participants can use The Situation Room for as little as an afternoon, and as much as 1 month (including set-up and clean up). Each person using The Situation Room is responsible for managing the space during the time of their project or event. 

The Situation Room is a space where people can have studio visits, workshops, exhibitions, video screenings, lectures, roundtables, yoga sessions, performances, readings, séances, photo shoots, or whatever else you might dream up!
It is intended for art-related events, and not private or personal functions. 

There are some resources available for those who reserve The Situation Room: 
A computer with wifi (for basic image/video/word editing and processing)
An old mini-DV tape video camera
A Tripod
Photo backdrop stand (and some papers)
Green screen
Large Format Printer (cost = $4/square foot, includes paper)
Indoor/outdoor projection surfaces
LCD Projector(s)
Gardening beds
Two Bicycles (for running errands in the neighborhood!)
Document Scanner
Laser Printer (for high volume copying)
DSLR (5D Mark II. Available for rental)
Washer and Dryer (because laundromats suck)

Sometimes, we have awesome feminist merchandise for sale by local artists.
Current femmerch offerings are provided by: 
Suzanne Adelman
Siobhan Hebron
Barbara Pollack
Lauren Potts
Tracers Book Club/Jennifer Reeder
Susan Silton
Broooks Wenzel

There are no funds available for those who use The Situation Room – it’s a ‘use it at your own expense’ kind of place. But there are no fees to use the space (except for large format printing, and DSLR rental). 

Micol funded the development of The Situation Room in with part a California Community Foundation Mid-Career Artist grant, which was used to purchase the washer and dryer and to renovate the garage. She received a Center for Cultural Innovation grant to purchase the large format printer for the Gallery Tally Project and The Situation Room. Micol redeemed some of her retirement savings to cover the remaining costs of establishing The Situation Room. There have been many people whose invaluable help along the way has made this project possible. Many thanks to Primi Suarez-Wolf, Ginger Wolf-Suarez, Jim Haag, Siobhan Hebron, Andrea Bowers. 

The Situation Room is not a commercial space, and is not non-profit. 
It’s an alternative, artist-run, DIY project space. 

Opening receptions and events are always free and open to all members of the public. 

Future projects/presentations include: 

o Feminist Friday Office hours: Drop in for a glass of wine and feminist chat on different topics each week!
o Lectures on Cute
o Comedy and Magic by artists
o Nipple Pin nipple-casting session
o Gallery Tally data collect-a-thons
o Ten under Ten, conceptual art by very young artists, an exhibition

I look forward to receiving your ideas and proposals for The Situation Room events!

-Micol Hebron

Exhibiting Artists