The Mistake Room

Los Angeles, United States


  • 1811 E 20th St
  • Los Angeles
  • California
  • CA 90058
  • United States

Opening times

Wed - Sat 11am – 6pm
Sun – Tue Closed


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The Mistake Room (TMR) dwells in the terrain of ideas and practices fueled by radical imagination. A public experiment in institution-making, TMR conceives itself as an intellectual and cultural life form in perpetual progress; as a morphing entity shaped by earned wisdoms that result from ventures into the unknown. Driven by critical inquiry and sustained by the generative potential inherent in bold risk, TMR believes in the unimaginable, instigates the improbable, and encourages thoughtful provocation as it provides essential support to artists, their work, and all that informs and inspires it.

The Mistake Room (TMR) helps bring to life the contributions practitioners of the imagination make to the world in meaningful ways. Our work transforms how people access and engage with art and ideas while reimagining the role and function of the contemporary cultural institution. We do this to deepen our collective understanding of human creativity and to broaden its profound impact on our lives.

Exhibiting Artists