The ArtsBox

Vicenza, Italy


  • Contrà San Paolo 23
  • Vicenza
  • Veneto
  • 36100
  • Italy

Opening times

Daily and Saturday 10.30-12.30 / 17.30-19.30, Sunday 17.30-19.30

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: No
Bus: Yes
Train: Yes


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TheArtsBox Cultural Association is a geographic and mental space where literature and the other arts meet in the spirit of creative freedom. Here, in the very heart of the Palladian city of Vicenza, the cross-contamination and interrelationships within the arts create new openings and readings of our contemporary world for the making and understanding of arts and letters. Current artistic issues, as well as the moral, human and civic ones, are all-important to us and to everyone who wants to declare him- or herself to be democratic, and who wishes to pass the baton to new generations with the untiring and utopic clarity of a lighthouse in the stormy seas of our time.