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Tafwyl is Cardiff’s annual Welsh language arts & culture festival. The festival was established by the charity Menter Caerdydd in 2006 to celebrate the use of the Welsh language in Cardiff.

Tafwyl’s footfall has grown incredibly over the last few years, from just over 1,000 during its early days at local pub Y Mochyn Du, to over 40,000 in 2018.

Tafwyl 2017 was named ‘Cardiff’s Best Festival’ at the Cardiff Music Awards in March 2018.

Tafwyl is a family friendly festival, and is a lively mix of music, literature, drama, comedy, art, sports, food & drink. The event is nine days in total: a fringe event held all around the city for 7 days, ending with the main event at Cardiff Castle.

Tafwyl is a showcase of the Welsh language and shows Welsh culture at its very best. Entry to Tafwyl is free & open to all – Welsh speaker or not. It’s a great event for families, Welsh learners & people experiencing Welsh language & culture for the very first time.