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tactileBOSCH is an arts collective based in Cardiff that champions experimentation and specializes in performance art, multi-media, and site-specific installation. Through its exciting programme of exhibitions and events, tactileBOSCH showcases and nurtures talent, making a unique contribution to the visuals arts in Cardiff and Wales by combining a grass roots DIY approach with an international focus.

In its 16-year history, tactileBOSCH has worked with over 1000 artists across the globe, bringing together local and international artists and curators, to present a diverse array of new work to new audiences in disused properties and unexpected spaces. tactileBOSCH exhibits young and emerging artists alongside established practitioners to provide a built-in support system and a user friendly environment in which artists can take risks, explore and learn from each other.

Over the years tactileBOSCH has achieved a significant reputation for delivering exciting, cutting-edge multi-media shows in Wales and abroad. It maintains an excellent track record of successfully fostering public engagement and attracting new audiences, creating an atmosphere that is fun and inviting to everyone. It is always our intention to create a welcoming and inclusive space and to develop strong connections with the local community, local businesses and to foster local engagement.