Edinburgh, United Kingdom


  • 11a Gayfield Square
  • Edinburgh EH1 3NT
  • United Kingdom


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SUPERCLUB is an artist-run collective based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our headquarters at 11a Gayfield Square are home to SUPERCLUB studios, gallery and shop.

SUPERCLUB is committed to a DIY approach to creating and disseminating art through fanzines, gigs, screenings, performances and events as well as exhibitions. Through our exhibitions and events program we hope to support local and emerging talent but also to bring international contributors to Edinburgh to create a dynamic environment and new dialogues.

SUPERCLUB STUDIOS are currently home to:

Ross Christie
Alex Gibbs
Daniel Irwin
Catherine Johnston
Tim Le Breuilly
Gillian Martin
Callum Monteith
Sarah Muirhead
Liam Richardson
Bernie Reid
Matthew Swan
Katy Thomson