Cultural Organisation

Spark Box Studio

Kingston, Canada


  • 885 County Rd. 5
  • Kingston
  • Toronto
  • K0K2T0
  • Canada

Opening times

by appointment

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: none
Bus: arrive in Belleville, Ontario
Train: arrive in Belleville, Ontario


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Spark Box Studio is an artist residency program and printmaking studio located in rural Ontario, Canada. 

Our mission is to create an affordable, focused environment that encourages exploration, experimentation and the cultivation of new ideas.

  • provide access to resources, equipment and expertise that might otherwise be difficult to find.
  • connect to the larger community through the arts.

Our vision includes bringing art outside the studio and into public space through off-site projects such as public installations, outdoor exhibits, and youth outreach programs. Spark Box Studio is also focused on providing artists with career-building material through our Artist as Entrepreneur package and Artist Residency program.