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Since 2003 Caroline Salem has been offering a neutral framework for independent performance makers and companies. This combines high quality affordable space, meetings with other artists, mentoring and opportunities to share work in progress.

‘My aim is to give artists working across all performance making disciplines (dance, theatre, music, circus, performance art) the freedom to take control of their process.

The framework is adaptable allowing artists to sustain their creative work whilst also being teachers, performers, writers, etc. It proposes that a continuous thread of time in the studio is not an indulgence, but a necessity. Risk-taking and not knowing are encouraged and supported. Meetings and work-in-progress performances mean that responses to test your seeds, your raw material and your near finished work can be a living part of the progress of your work. Painters invite us to their studio, writers offer a script, but footage cannot replace the live experience.

This is for artists who recognise that this self-directed context is the right place for them at this point in their making. Whatever work you have made, whatever experience you have, whatever desires you have, everyone is respected equally as artists who are committed to pushing the boundaries of their own practice.’

Caroline Salem
Choreographer and Director

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