Centre des arts actuels Skol

Montreal, Canada


  • 372, Rue Ste-Catherine Ouest
  • espace 314
  • Montreal
  • Québec
  • H3B 1A2
  • Canada

Opening times

Tue-Sat: 12-5:30pm
Thur: 12-8pm


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Founded in 1986, Centre des arts actuels Skol is a nonprofit, artist-run center that presents new work by emerging artists, with a focus on those whose research and experimentation generate method and critical thought. Occasionally, the center invites more experienced artists whose exploratory or experimental approaches contribute to the development of theoretical discourse and artistic practice. A place of potential, exchange, and learning, Skol is open to the participation of art professionals. It fosters and encourages trust, autonomy, experimentation, and risk-taking.

Skol serves as a resource for both emerging artists and more established ones seeking to connect through regular meetings of Skollège, an organizational-wide thinking body. Much energy is dedicated to applying outreach strategies that promote visits to our exhibitions by college and university students as well as community groups.

Exhibiting artists