Sculpture by the Lakes

Dorchester, United Kingdom


  • Pallington Lakes
  • Pallington, Dorset
  • Dorchester DT2 8QU
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

11.00am - 5.00pm Visits must be booked in advance through the website.


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Hidden along the tranquil valley of Dorset's River Frome lies England's newest sculpture park, Sculpture by the Lakes. Amongst 26 acres of ponds, pools, bubbling streams, lakes and the lazy river, meander paths and trails through meadows and woodland, along riverbanks and over bridges. A haven for wildlife, Sculpture by the Lakes marries the soft beauty of nature's wild river landscape with the more formal presentation of monumental outdoor sculpture. It is that combination of art and landscape that inspires Sculpture by the Lakes. Whether it is work on a monumental scale that relates to its environment or smaller works that personalise more intimate areas, each sculpture has been placed to visually enhance its surroundings.

Through light-handed management we keep our impact on the natural environment to a minimum, creating dramatic planting rooms and views within that environment to frame sculptures and place them in unexpected settings.

Like all of nature, this is a landscape that is constantly evolving and we are continually experimenting both sculpturally and in our planting and design. Apart from a few more mature trees, we started from scratch only three years ago so many of the trees and shrubs are still very young. We hope you enjoy exploring and although there are paths throughout the park there is no set trail to follow so we encourage you to take your time to search out the hidden gems.

Exhibiting artists