Independent Space

Scotty Enterprises e.V.

Berlin, Germany


  • 46 Oranienstraße
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 10969
  • Germany

Opening times

Wed – Fri 3 – 7 pm
Sat 2 pm – 6 pm


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Scotty Enterprises is an artist-run space and a non-profit organisation, which shows and supports a wide variety of contemporary artistic practices in Berlin. In addition to monthly exhibitions, Scotty Enterprises offers comprehensive public relations work and a wide national and international network. The members of Scotty Enterprises also initiate and organize national and international cooperations with other artist-run spaces and take part in exciting projects dealing with, for example, cultural and political questions such as artistic autonomy. They also participate in art fairs.

Scotty Enterprises offers artists working in different art forms – fine art, drawing, photography, performance, sound, video and media art – the opportunity to present their work in a multitude of forms: from a first solo show to thematic group shows across disciplines.

Scotty Enterprises is non-commercial, independent and non-hierarchical. This approach allows for artistic autonomy and an ongoing openness to current developments in the group activities. Independent of strategic considerations, the members select what they show based solely on a collective consensus on artistic quality.

Monthly meetings give all members the opportunity to present new ideas, discuss critical content and make democratic decisions. The Kunstverein Scotty Enterprises e.V. (established in 2007) is financed primarily by the monthly contributions of its members.

Dr. Ralf Hemmen, the owner of the building in Oranienstr. 46, has greatly supported the project space from the beginning.

Contemporary art takes place in a social context. Scotty Enterprises offers space for artistic expression outside of the big institutions and commercial galleries. This co-existence of a variety of art spaces is one of the core qualities of the Berlin art scene, keeping it vibrant and exciting.

“We are surrounded by a wide range of artistic practices, which we consider special, unique and worth showing. To give these a platform we make a point of not limiting what we show to any one particular form of artistic expression.”

Exhibiting Artists