Salon Flux

London, United Kingdom


  • 1A2 Gaunson House
  • Markfield Road
  • London
  • England
  • N15 4QF
  • United Kingdom

SALON FLUX is an artist run organization based in London.
We seek to support young artists and to promote emerging practices to a young audience from different cultural and social backgrounds.

Salon Flux operates mainly through two schemes, the Events and the Open House. Running on an irregular basis, the SF Events are a synthesis of film screening, exhibition and club-night. This all-embracing, multi-disciplinary approach facilitates an experience beyond the purely visual creates a relaxed atmosphere for the participating individuals to engage and network within.

The Open Houses aim to offer a platform for professionals to show and share their works and to inquire, debate and exchange conceptual grounds related to their practice with a focus on artistic research.


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