Roz Barr Architects Gallery

London, United Kingdom


  • 111-113 St John Street
  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • EC1V 4JA
  • United Kingdom

Roz Barr Architects Gallery is running by emerging architects practice by Roz Barr, locates in the heart of Clerkenwell, London.

Roz Barr established the practice in 2010, and the gallery space programme started in 2014 under Roz’s passion and vision to modern art. Roz Barr Architects Gallery has been supported architectural curators and individual practitioners, showcased works that have architectural consideration and inventional craft techniques. In 2015, Roz
Barr Architects Gallery took part of the London Festival of Architecture and curated a well received exhibition ADAPTATION. The gallery has developed a collaborative relationship with The Architecture Foundation since, and regularly host crits
and events to support the community within architecture practice.


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