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Nigel Tooby, the contemporary fine art photographer, is holding an exclusive exhibition from the 15 January to 26 February.


The prestigious invitation to showcase his works will see Nigel take a full installation of 19 separate images and structures from his series, Eye Spy, created in association with West Yorkshire based homeless charity, Simon on the Streets. 


This former works focuses on the plight of those sleeping rough, however controversially, rather than the images showing individuals, they instead highlight the reality and put the pieces into context allowing the audience to become the subject.


Images include ‘The Company I Keep’, showing the silhouette of a lonesome shadow in an empty park; ‘Alternative Ending’, featuring an empty room with a sleeping bag in the corner and ‘Hotel’, an image including a bin, park bench and sign above ironically promoting a forthcoming show, Sleeping Beauty.


Originally culminating in a final piece ’20 seconds’, which features a series of harrowing shots from the eyes of a person hanging from a tree, Nigel has since updated the collection. The final image ‘Jamie Ross’ uses 24ct gold to re-join the broken pieces of a picture of a young man and is based on the real life story of a former rough sleeper who has turned his life around.