Royal Brompton Hospital

London, United Kingdom


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Opening times

Breathe will be open from 15 September-22 November 2014. The exhibition can be viewed daily from 9.00-5.00.

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Tube / Metro: South Kensington Tube Station
Bus: Numbers 49 and 211 stop in Sydney Street


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Visual artist Jayne Wilton creates a new body of intriguing drawings with the help of patients at the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals.

Working alongside a Composer, Curator, Clinical Research Physiotherapist and three respiratory groups at Royal Brompton and Harefield, Jayne Wilton has created drawings and installations that capture the usually unseen human breath.  The project, funded by the Arts Council England, culminates in an exhibition of her work in the Royal Brompton Coffee shop from 15 September to 22 November 2014.

Jayne has been producing drawings, installations, sculptures and prints that reveal the shape and movement of the breath for the last eight years. She has worked with poets, authors, physicists, engineers, students, hospice patients and musicians, but this is her first experience of working in a hospital setting.

George Mogg, who is curating the exhibition of Jayne’s work says:

These works offer an interesting alternative to traditional portraiture.  Each piesce is personal to the person who created it, and reveals to us something that we normally aren’t able to witness.'


Breathe: Singing for Breathing’s Vocal Composition Premiere

Tuesday 11 November 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Hear the premiere of Joanna Foster’s new composition 'Did we Sing?' performed by the Brompton and Harefield Singing for Breathing singers and Jayne Wilton's collaborative animation. All welcome.


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