Rhodes Contemporary Art

London, United Kingdom


  • 42 New Compton Street
  • London
  • England
  • WC2H 8DA
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm
(Closed Sundays)


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RHODES is an independent commercial art gallery located in the heart of London. Operating from our split-level boutique space that was until recently Lawrence Alkin Gallery and prior to that, originally the TomTom Gallery.

Our primary goal is to develop the next generation of artists through exciting and engaging exhibitions, events and exclusive publications from a breadth of talent.

Contemporary, urban, street and pop art; we don’t distinguish or discriminate, but embrace and look to display visually engaging exhibitions from a hybrid of artistic disciplines.

RHODES is all about exhibitions by must-see artists who are tipped for future success. We provide the space to help them reach the next level.

The gallery’s core principal of offering affordable original artworks and limited editions is combined with the belief that the work on display must have a strong visual impact and high quality production. This is what unites all of the artwork we sell and artists we work with; many experiment with a variety of different media from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines.

The gallery and it's central location in London has a background of over 40 years within the commercial art market. Trading names have come and gone with every artist being exhibited from the likes of Andy Warhol to Jamie Reid and the Punk Art movement, to the emergence of Banksy in the late 90's, to the modern day culmination of all this being transformed into RHODES.

The championing of new artists and their work has never been more prominent than in the last 10 years with the meteoric rise in street art of which the gallery, it's owners and staff have all been a part of.

Since the opening of the gallery under it's current branding there have been debut solo exhibitions for many now established names including David Walker, Jake Wood-Evans, Dan Baldwin, Miss Bugs, Nick Smith, Stanley Donwood, Eelus, Tom French, Keaton Henson, Sepe and Noah Taylor; as well as countless collaborations and print releases.

One belief that has remained constant with the gallery is that the work we display is not always about the name, but chiefly about the image and the art itself leading the way and leading the story.

RHODES was established to facilitate the combination of increasing demand for affordable, original, artwork and utilise the vast array of emerging artistic talent that we know and represent. In doing so we are offering a platform to exhibit their work in Central London and continue working with the artists directly through exhibitions and publications of editions.

Exhibiting artists