Independent Space

Residência São João

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Fazenda São João
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • State of Minas Gerais
  • 25780-000
  • Brazil

Opening times

Depends on the current activities ongoing, such as workshops and residencies.

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: not available
Bus: closes city: São José do Vale do Rio Preto / Rio de Janeiro
Train: not available




The São João Residency Program is an independent project focused on intensive development of work, processes and experiences, as well as on the establishment of partnerships between residents.​

The residency is located in a historic 19th century plantation, near the city of São José do Vale do Rio Preto, in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro (3 hours drive from Rio). It is open for individuals and collectives acting in different areas and medias. Besides the wide common area in the main house and plenty of outdoor spaces, residents have at their disposal individual and collective studios to develop personal work and research, as well as sound equipment and musical instruments. We organize collective activities, such as workshops, presentations in various formats and open talks, both in the immediate context of the residency and in outside events. We also publish contents related to the residency through Deep editions, our publishing house. 

We organize the anual sonic residence SOMSOCOSMOS, as well as workshops throughout the year. ​

Our Program proposes: 

- Heightened contact with nature and reduction of outside stimuli and demands, as well as living together with other residents, are some of the essential factors that contribute to the development and establishment of lines of thought and production. The immersive dynamic of the residency, reaffirmed by the lack of telephone signal and Internet connection inside the main house, seeks to stimulate the establishment of new creative partnerships. This is also why the creative processes matter more to us than the eventual final product.

- Through the application process we will try to create a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary group, regarding personal practices as well as conceptual approaches. This bet on the multiplicity of the group works as a way of encouraging the dialogue between different practices, discourses, patterns and rhythms of work. The Program welcomed individuals working in the most varied fields and artistic formats, such as drawing, painting, collage, video, photography, site-specific practices, as well as popular and contemporary music, literature, comics, dance, research and curating. These residents came from countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United States, France, Germany and Australia.

- The residency curators act as mediators, organizing critical discussions, readings, listening sessions, talks, etc, creating conditions for dialogue and exchange of knowledge. The establishment of a collaborative calender contributes to maintaining a horizontal relationship between curators and resident artists.