Independent Space

Raum B

Berlin, Germany


  • Wildenbruchstraße 4 Berlin, Germany
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 12045
  • Germany

Opening times

Tuesday - Friday : 2pm - 7pm
Saturday : 1pm - 6pm


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Raum B, second-hand bookshop for French, English and German books, welcomes you in Neukölln‘s Kiez in Berlin, 5 minutes away from the Landwehrkanal.

Popular and multikulti, Raum B is a place to exchange, to live and to share thanks to the participation of artists among others. A place where you can drink a coffee or a tea, read a book or the newspaper and communicate…

Here you will find second-hand books in French, English and German embracing different domains such as thriller, youth literature, general literature, fine books and academic books.

Raum B has a “new-book” section that mostly contains books from local publishing companies and authors.

You and your children have the opportunity to take part as well thanks to our workshops of the wilden Buches (Workshop arround the book among others are regularly proposed).

Moreover, we organise cultural events (public reading, concert, exhibition, discussion) where you are naturally more than welcome!

Exhibiting artists