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Q-Art is an organisation for current and prospective students, graduates, self-trained artists and all those with an interest in art. We aim to break down the barriers to art education and the contemporary art world and support the networking and development of early career artists. We run open crits, workshops, and produce books and videos.

Q-Art is run by a team of students and graduates. Our aim is to break down some of the barriers to art education and contemporary art and support people into, through and beyond art education. We do this through: our open cross college crit programme , which we run monthly across London as well as various UK art colleges for artists of all backgrounds to attend or present work in. We give opportunity for artists who present in the crits to participate in an annual exhibition. We produce publications and videos. And we hold discussion events each time a publication of video is released. We also run educational workshops for art colleges and galleries around the UK. Our programme mirrors the academic year and runs from September–June.