Prenzlauer Studio

Berlin, Germany


  • Winsstrasse 42
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 10405
  • Germany

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Tube / Metro: M2 M4 M10 Trams is just around the corner 2 minutes walk
Train: Prenzlauer Allee and Griefenwaldstrasse S Bahn 8 minutes walk


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We are an international artist collective of painter, visual artist, mask and puppet maker, ceramist and graphic designer, sharing and working in a studio space on the ground floor at the junction of Winsstraße and Chodowieckstraße, right in the center of Prenzlauer Berg.

Staying gritty or becoming slick, East Berlin is indeed an art hub. Prenzlauer Berg is known as the focal point of the East Berlin art scene. With the great visibility of the location, the openness of high ceiling and large windows, Prenzlauer studio is an ideal site for exhibitions and art happenings.

The word “Individual” comes from medieval Latin “individualis”, meaning “indivisible, inseparable”. We embrace working as a collective, sharing ideas and thoughts, and hope to bring them to the district. We believe that different artistic minds, media and approaches co-inspiring and are interdependent. Prenzlauer studio is a collective space growing in an organic and diverse manner.

Exhibitions, workshops, classes, talks, sharings, performances and other art happenings will be carried out in the space. For instance, regular life drawing classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening experiment the possibilities of this traditional practice which dates back to prehistoric times.

In the setting-up period of this space, we are blessed with a lot of people wandering around, window-gazing with a smile, dropping in, chatting with us, as well connecting us with the area. We call in for all artists, curators, craftsmen, writers, thinkers, designers, art lovers and any other like-minded individuals to take part in this space.