Predella House

London, United Kingdom


  • Ambassador Building
  • Embassy Gardens
  • London
  • England
  • SW8 5AP
  • United Kingdom


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Predella House is an online art gallery, curating art for the culturally curious. Continuously growing from small roots as a start up business, Predella House looks to break down the traditional barriers of ‘elitist’ art purchasing and open the doors into a new dimension of the art purchasing world. Whilst very few art curators and auction houses have been both gatekeepers and trendsetters, Predella House looks to create an opportunity for the debates of the art world to be accessible for all, through the channels of social media.

Predella House’s founder, Katrina Aleksa is a fine art specialist with a vision to introduce both experienced art collectors and newcomers into her world of art. Katrina is a well travelled and experienced art dealer, consulting all over the world from California to New York, to Asia and Sydney whilst never forgetting her European roots.

As a strong, all-female team, Predella House is a platform for young artists to boost their careers and portfolios, providing a new market for them to reach. Predella House also aims to provide customers with the ability to purchase art without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the process of buying from a gallery, hosting workshops and seminars for customers to attend and share Katrina’s unique world of art.