Praxis International Art

Vicente López, Argentina


  • Arenales 1311
  • Vicente López
  • Buenos Aires Province
  • Argentina


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Praxis International Art was founded in Buenos Aires in 1977 by Miguel Kehayoglu.

The praxis mission to bring the compelling creativity and imagination of Latin American modern and contemporary art forward to a worldwide audience in museum-quality exhibitions.


When Miguel Kehayoglu was asked why he named the gallery Praxis, his response was the following:

´Plato said that ideas do not come from men, but rather float around in an ideal world and eventually enter our thoughts. A person could have a wonderful idea but not know how to solidify it. Humans began to figure out ways to put their ideas into practice, and that is how the Praxis came to be. Human character is an evolving force, and Praxis is used to move forward with a project, pushing an individual to improve, capacitate, refine y surpass himself constantly in order to advance. Praxis is life itself.´