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PLANTA is the project that articulates the intersection between the Sorigué business group and the Sorigué Foundation, in which art, science, architecture, landscape, knowledge and business come together.

PLANTA is located in the industrial complex La Plana del Corb de Sorigué in Balaguer (Lleida), an environment that symbolizes our beginnings as a company and materializes our values. In this place, extractive activity and traditional industrial processes coexist with agricultural plantations, centers for research and dissemination of knowledge, as well as unique artistic and architectural spaces called site-specific.

Designed for the exchange of talent and the promotion of innovation, PLANTA generates synergies between creativity and business and develops programs such as Talking Architecture, SonarPLANTA and Moviement.


PLANTA is an innovative management tool that aims to catalyze the company's value creation, by creating synergies, attracting and developing talent, and fostering a culture of innovation.


PLANTA is a space dedicated to contemporary artistic creation. Through the collection of the Foundation Sorigué, floor houses a collection of works by artists of international prestige and has spaces unique art in the world, sites-specific, presenting pieces by renowned artists such as Anselm Kiefer, William Kentridge, Juan Muñoz and Bill Viola.


The PLANTA architecture simulates the environment and becomes a mirror of the landscape and processes.

The PLANTA center will be occupied by a main building designed by Ábalos + Sentkiewicz Architects (AS +), and was presented in September 2017 at the Chicago Architecture Biennale (USA). The importance of PLANTA architecture is evident not only in its physical aspects, but also in the Talking Architecture debates, where leading international architects are invited to reflect on issues related to architecture, landscaping and urban development.


In the industrial complex La Plana del Corb, where PLANT is located, the processes of industrial activity coexist with a constantly changing natural environment.

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