Piramid Sanat





Piramid Art Center is opening in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul, the city which has established an international recognition as a growing art center. The concretization of this project to the benefit of Istanbul’s artistic scene and Turkey’s art lovers in general, is a very significant achievement for us.

The opening of this center during these hard times, in which the enlightment era has to face serious sabotages, required a great deal of self-sacrifice. In order to provide a stimulating atmosphere and exhibition space for those who produce and make significant contributions to Turkish art community,I had to have a dream and pursue it. That’s what I did since I was born.

Piramid Art Center promises to make it its priority to emphasize the contemporary outlook towards life, respect artists who represented avangardismin their art life, and value all sorts of ideas and art productios from paintings to the multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary emergence of thought processes. This center also promises to welcome the society with an attitude that respects the most important values of the Republic, friendship, universal peace, all living things and, above all, humans.