Photocircle Galerie

Berlin, Germany


  • Monumentenstr. 1
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 10829
  • Germany

Opening times

Monday - Friday, 10AM - 6PM

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: U7 (Kleistpark)
Bus: M48, M85, 187, 106, 204
Train: S1 (Julius-Leber-Brücke)


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With our gallery for contemporary art we want to grow and develop the idea behind the Photocircle online gallery and thereby promote contact and interaction between visitor and art; showcase a cross-section of our portfolio - Photocircle's most successful, popular and extraordinary artworks; illustrate different forms of presentation - laminations, framings and hangings; and provide a platform for exchange on topics such as humanism, development, photography, as well as intersections between art and politics by regularly hosting exciting new events. And what's that Photocircle we're talking about? 

Our vision is simple: for an exceptional photograph you need more than just a great photographer and the right moment. You also need an extraordinary subject. So it's perfectly obvious that the subject should profit from the sales as well, right? We think that's just fair, but normally that's not the case. We're here to change that.

That's why for every art print you buy at Photocircle, we and our artists donate up to 50% of the sales price to a development project in the country or region where the photo was taken. This way, we can give back to the people and places that make our photos unique. And we apply the same logic to our illustrations as well, by donating to projects in the places where your favorite artworks were made. As both Photocircle and its artists wave a part of the proceeds, you get beautiful art, fair prices and the chance to make a difference with your purchase. The circle is complete.