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Performance Platform is a not for profit Artist led organisation based in London.

Performance Platform is committed to supporting Performance Art and Its associated culture by providing Artists opportunities to perform, exhibit, dialogue, network
and engage critically.

Performance Platform operates as part of a regional/ national/ international network of supporters, partners and collaborators. These relationships inform and enable Platform.

Performance Platform operates inclusively and its activities support Artists and reach new audiences.

Performance Platform is directed and managed by Rebecca Weeks & Ian Whitford.

Weeks & Whitford are internationally active performance Artists and organisers. They co founded artist led organisation and project space Cornwall Autonomous Zone with Andy Whall in Penzance, Cornwall in 2010 and went on to advocate, fundraise for, and successfully deliver a programme of national/international projects including residencies, talks, seminars, events, exhibitions and screenings. CAZ worked with recent graduates and established artists and encouraged intergenerational dialogue and exchange and awareness of the achievements of Artist led DIY culture, that CAZ had learned from and built upon. By working through everyday relationships and national/ international networks they engaged local people as supporters, audience and participants, enabling a more grounded and real exchange between local people and Artists, at the same time as facilitating remote exchanges and extending Artists networks. They were proud to be named by Artists newsletter as one of the top 100 Artist led projects.

Weeks & Whitford having relocated to London now intend to use their experience and skills to provide space and opportunities for Performance Artists and Performance culture, its complexity, diversity and its potential to challenge, to demand honesty and generosity, to insist upon humanity, to excite and to open new ways of understanding.

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