Pepper Pot





We are a group of Farnham UCA students who are proud to present Interval, a fantastic Pop Up exhibition due to be held on Wednesday the 29th November 2017 that focusses on the idea of Time and the Kitchen space. Based on the text by Michel Foucault, Heterotopia, this explores the concept of environments having multiple meaning. Our Exhibition focuses on the element of time in the setting of a kitchen. Taking place in the affectionally known building, The Pepperpot, nestled in the historical market of Godalming, Surrey. We challenge how a kitchen space has become a status symbol. Heavily influenced, not only by the evolution of gadgets that supposedly make life more convenient, and swiftly become outdated, but also how much the kitchen space is subjected to social trends that influence the look, feel and practicalities of the kitchen based on convenience, new building materials and methods, and the everchanging processes and methods involved in preparing and consuming food. Also how the passage of time and social status prejudices how we view kitchen spaces.