Pane Per Poveri





Pane Per Poveri – PPP – founded by Eleonora Meoni, Stefania Palumbo and Viron Erol Vert in 2013 – is a transient project celebrating creativity, vision and human potential faced with the socio-economic and (post) political crisis we experience today. Working in close proximity to major art events, the project explores different possibilities of art communities. Considering that art exists beyond rules and established structures, it is the ambition of PPP to foster this freedom and to create a place where not only the production of art, but also its presentation and perception can abide with the least restrictions possible. In Athens, in the “bowl situation” of the new skate park Latraac – designed and built by architect Zachos Varfis in the notorious district of Kerameikos – PPP will once again try to extend the primary function of urban amenities to hopefully meet broader social needs.Here, the Commedia dell’Arte and Fluxus ethos meets the collective spirit of local skateboarders, in line with Zachos’ crisis-driven vision to build “low-impact, greener spaces that use current resources and actually create value in a neighborhood”.

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