Cultural Organisation

Oi Futuro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • R. Dois de Dezembro, 63
  • Flamengo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • 22220-040
  • Brazil


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Oi Futuro is Oi’s social responsibility institute. The institute mission is to develop and support ideas capable of building a better future.

Oi Futuro believes that human development depends on innovative proposals, opportunities and a constant acting in the Culture, Education, and Sustainability areas.

By using the communication and information technologies as a booster for social transformation, we create opportunities, open the access to knowledge and set out new benchmark templates that may be replicated in the future.

Relying on our own programs and encouraged by, in addition to the support of, initiatives from other selected institutions (by invitations to bid) we have joined public and private acting on a democratic way.

In the Culture area, Oi Futuro keeps three cultural centers: two in Rio de Janeiro (in Flamengo and Ipanema neighborhoods) and one in Belo Horizonte. The Flamengo and Belo Horizonte Centers house the two Telecommunications Museum units maintained by the Institute. We also support festivals and events in various Brazilian cities, by means of Oi’s Cultural Sponsorships Program.

In the Education area, Nave (Advanced Educational Center) and Oi Kabum! Arts and Technology School programs develop educational methodologies which, in addition to promoting professional qualification and digital inclusion, seek to educate critical, independent, and sympathetic youngsters.