London, United Kingdom


  • Town Hall, Belsize Park
  • London NW3 4QP
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Every Thursday, Thursday from 15th January 6.30 pm-8.30 pm

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Tube / Metro: Belsize park tube station


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Wac Arts Artist in Residence (AIR) programme is excited to announce the next AIR collaboration - Lorna Carmen McNeill. Lorna’s exhibition ‘Light-Life Ignite’ displays an innovative fusion of fine art and sculpture with where possible sustainable light and digital technologies, creating a mesmerising body of work.

Lorna Carmen McNeill creates dazzling light sculptures and projections by merging art with technology, seeking to illuminate the invisible, inter-dimensional, inter-connected communication that permeates all things. Lorna creates the Installations in collaboration with creative lighting expert Geoff Blindt, with the aim to uplift mood and inspire creativity. During the residency, Lorna will facilitate a series of collaborative workshops which use Interactive technology with sensory elements of the artwork combined with painting and sculpture to engage heart, hand and mind.

She will work alongside students to create a new body of work. There will be a closing night exhibition to show the development of the installation from something based on Lorna's own techniques to those discovered and informed by the young people involved in the workshops. The young people will also exhibit some of the artwork they produce.  An artist talk and a group discussion will be held to look at the complete process, enabling Lorna and the young artists to share their experiences and outcomes.

The opening night for the public exhibition will be on Thursday from 15th January 6.30 pm-8.30 pm after which the exhibition can be viewed every Thursday at the same times. 

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