National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Taichung City, Taiwan


  • No.2 Sec.1, Wu-Chuan W. Rd
  • Taichung City
  • Taichung City
  • 40359
  • Taiwan

Opening times

Museum Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 ~17:00, (DigiArk: 9:30-16:30)
Saturday and Sunday 9:00 ~18:00(DigiArk: 9:30-17:30)
Monday: Closed
Chinese New Year Eve、Chinese New Year:Closed
officeal announcement of museum closures due to natural disasters (typhoon):colsed
due to special occasion will be announce by the museum close


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The NTMoFA is a national art museum dedicated to the research, education and promotion of Taiwanese art. In terms of research, the museum continues to concentrate on tracing the genealogy of Taiwanese arts. In terms of education, its aim is to enhance the artistic capacity of the nation. It should also be highlighted that the NTMoFA has always been a true ambassador of Taiwanese art, as it seeks to promote international cultural exchange by actively participating in international art exhibitions, and by collaborating with international arts-and-cultural organizations and individual experts in organizing arts events. By providing a diverse range of arts and educational activities, the NTMoFA introduces to the public the characteristics of Taiwanese arts and help the visitors appreciate the beauty of art. The ultimate aim of the Museum is to extend and deepen the public's interest in arts.

Exhibiting artists