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About mObgraphia Visual Culture:


Mobgrafia (mobile photography) is a movement created in 2013, and surfaced to incentivate and develop the use of mobile devices to produce photography and visual arts. With over half a billion Apple iOS and Android systems sold around the world, reality shows that there are now an unprecedented number of cameras in the world. This enormous increase in mobile cameras has allowed for a huge increase of images uploaded to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and others.


mObgraphia Visual Culture, our brand, and its founders, Cadu Lemos and Ricardo Rojas, both photographers, understood that this was positive,( although some traditional photographers are still resisting to grasp the whole concept) and full of possibilities to form and inform a whole new generation of artists based ,not solely, in mobile devices.


The movement started with basic and advanced workshops conducted in Sao Paulo and other major cities in Brazil and the first edition of the festival in 2014, succeeded by a strong second edition in 2015 along with two published books and the first mobile movie festival in november of that year.


Lemos and Rojas now will hold their third mObgraphia Festival and for the first time, a Latin American edition . A radio and a new book are scheduled for the event and new exhibitions around the country confirming that the new frontier of image as an art and a social movement and communication is here to stay.

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