Educational Body

London Flower School

London, United Kingdom


  • The Generator
  • 16-20 Wharfdale Road
  • London N1 9RY
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

10am to 6pm

We believe in widening the potential of floristry to engage with the aesthetic, taking it into original spaces. As a result, our students learn how to develop their own creative vision, bringing dynamic new visual concepts to life.

We place values like passion and freedom above the repetition of rote techniques. This does not mean that we do not teach those techniques – we offer one of the most comprehensive floral design courses in the city – but they are not taught as an end in themselves. Rather, they are taught as an exercise by which each student can develop their own authentic vision.

Our approach to flower arranging is distinct from that of most floristry schools. We provide more than a “box of tricks” with which bouquets can be assembled to specification. We offer a supportive context in which students can learn how to innovate, and rethink the relationship between colour, shape, and the spaces around them.

The result of this innovative approach is that our students master traditional styles of flower arranging whilst also developing their own aesthetic taste. This is a vital component in starting a successful floristry business, where the concepts of style and brand are closely linked. For those students who have an interest in professional floristry, our experienced team are always eager to offer advice.


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