Liquid art system London

London, United Kingdom


  • Brook Street 43
  • Mayfair
  • London
  • England
  • W1K4HJ
  • United Kingdom

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Liquid art system (L.a.s.) is a commercial contemporary art organisation with galleries in Capri (Italy), Positano (Italy), London (UK), and Istanbul (Turkey). Together, our galleries propose a "glocal"* approach to the promotion of contemporary art. The goal of L.a.s. is to create an international network of art galleries in different locations across the globe united by a common purpose, but sensitive to local economies and cultures.

L.a.s. is a response to the evolution of the international "art system", which has had to adapt to enormous changes in the international economy stemming from the expansion of computer technology and the internet.
The cultural affirmation of developing countries has challenged the traditional concept of art galleries and the alleged superiority of the economy and culture of the West.
It is necessary to create a new concept for galleries that is viable in this new global market, but also attentive to local contexts.

L.a.s. blends innovation with tradition, focusing specifically on showcasing artists who are internationally recognised and featuring those who have been able to innovate their technique or iconographies in a global context. L.a.s. holds public exhibitions and is active internationally in projects and events such as major art fairs.

L.a.s. is involved in the fields of CONTEMPORARY ART, FINE ARTS, and ART RESEARCH (Lab).

* The word "glocal" is derived from "glocalization" (Roland Robertson, sociologist), meaning "think global, act local". A combination of the words "global" and "local" used to describe a product or service that is developed and distributed globally, but is also fashioned to accommodate the user or consumer in a local market.