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Libertine is a Gallery, Guild, and Atelier: a unique project in the art world introducing and exploring a network of new concepts and methods aesthetic, economic, political, analytic and otherwise.

The debut show for this year will reveal “DEB: Is the Picasso of Her Generation”: a meditation on painting, material, gender, and the symptom of art. This will be followed by “H.H.H.: Transcendental Black Metal”: a resurrection of the practice of Total Art.

The physical location of the Gallery currently exists in a historic building on Melrose in Hollywood which merges the modernist white cube with the art deco salon of brick fireplaces and fur. Every show at Libertine is a site-specific installation no matter what work is being shown. That is, it is designed by the artist (and/or collaborating critic, collector, gallerist) as a concept even if exhibiting a range of objects.

The Guild initiates a community of singular creators reprising the original artisan-entrepreneur guilds of the mercantile era. This also revives the methods of Fluxus and other 60s-70s movements exploring new forms of collective and general economy. The Hollywood building houses living quarters and offices for Guild members and visiting artists.

The Atelier expands the Gallery beyond the singular object to the limited edition multiple. Books, prints, designs, and other objects are a major part of the production of Libertine making significant work available to a larger collector audience while elevating overly-reproducible works to the level of a limited object.

Libertine draws some of its artists from Analytica. Analytica incorporates and extends the innovative psychoanalytic methods of the School and Clinic into the unfinished project and unfulfilled promise of “schizoanalysis.” Libertine is thus the space for desiring production as gallery, theatre, publisher, laboratory…


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