Independent Space

La Ira de Dios

Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Aguirre 1029
  • Buenos Aires
  • Buenos Aires
  • 1429
  • Argentina

Opening times

15:00 - 19:00


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La Ira de Dios is an artist-run space based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We began in 2010 as an exhibition space before moving to a warehouse in 2014.
Since 2015, in addition to the exhibitions, we are doing three residency
programs a year. In the first two years, we welcomed over 60 international
artists that worked with local artists.

The program is structured to create a space of creative exchange for a group
of international and local artist, curators and researchers. Each program is
coordinated by a guest curator and the project directors Pablo Caligaris and
Carolina Magnin.

The program brings together a group of artist to work in a common
space on a free environment, where artists and curators develop the projects
they choose. The agenda of activities includes visits to art studios,
galleries, and other projects and institutions, public presentations and a
final exhibition.