Kunst Kraft Werk

Leipzig, Germany


  • Saalfelder Stra├če 8b 04179 Leipzig
  • Leipzig
  • Sachsen
  • 04179
  • Germany

Opening times

Wednesday - Sunday 1pm - 7pm


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The affirmative mission of the Kunst Kraft Werk is to develop a venue in Leipzig that is immersively involved in its local culture, heritage, and community, which simultaneously acts as a bridge for a wide international cultural dialogue and connection. As a place that demonstrates the instrumental and intrinsic value of arts in society, the KKW is an innovative, exploratory space for urban regeneration and a breeding ground for new thinking. With devotion as its foundation, we are responsive to change, open to positive influence, and dedicated to forging a greater impact on our society through a shared purpose, with creative resilience rooted in our reflective practice.

As Leipzig evolves and grows as a city, with new economic and social paradigms before it, the KKW as an organization will fuel this momentum, as a forward-looking partner in establishing a robust, sustainable future.

Exhibiting artists