Jogja National Museum

Yogyakarta, Indonesia


  • Jl. Prof. Ki Amri Yahya No. 1
  • Gampingan, Wirobrajan
  • Yogyakarta
  • Special Region of Yogyakarta
  • 55167
  • Indonesia


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The JNM management’s commitment is to pay its most attention in conserving and developing cultural art, either in local or national level. Indeed, in specification of its orientations, JNM places its interest towards the alternatives of presentation space for every aesthetic achievement of Indonesia contemporary visual art. The consequences of that, JNM carries outthe commitment to develop the discourse of visual art in Indonesia, also to collect and discuss it comprehensively.

The JNM management consists of a Supervision Board that supervises the Executive Director, KPH “Nieko” Wironegoro, M.Sc.; Director  Business & Development Rizky Arbali,  Director Operational Herdar Ari Andi, Secretary  Agnes Irma, Technical Manager Nugroho Ari and Technician Bejo.

One of the JNM development commitments is to build the network with some private companies to support the management activities. Along with that, JNM has other sources for the operational funds of such as donation for using showrooms, event sponsors, showroom sponsors, JNM Art Shop revenue, percentage sharing of auction, donation from internal members of JNM and other parties who care.

The programs developed by JNM management are covering various activities. Visual art exhibition is one of the regular activities. The idea of the exhibition could be emerged by JNM itself, or by the artists (individually or group), or by the art institution through YYSN/JNM mechanism.

Another program of JNM is to promote the young emerging artists. This aim becomes so important as a lot of beginner artists need support to improve themselves in order to be able to present best artworks to the world to bring a good name for art scene and culture of Indonesia. The commitment is incarnated by providing the special gallery named Gallery for Citizens that could be used for free of charge by the emerging artists in indicating their work. Furthermore, the available showrooms are Jogja National Museum buildings as the main showrooms and the future museum, Fine Art Museum Gallery, Pendopo Ajiyasa, former Sculpture building, and Situs Kriya building.

Another important thing that could not be set aside is visual art discourse development program such as discussions, seminars, and workshops about visual art actual issues in local, national, and international level, as well as some cooperation program between JNM and other local and global institutions.

Artist Residential Program keeps on continuation at Jogja National Museum. At this time, JNM also commences the procurement of monumental works (masterpiece) from visual artists through a competitive and tight curatorial mechanism and selection to be able to be severed whether this work is the most important achievement in a period of the history of a certain visual arts or not. The work that has been selected will be displayed in the future Museum. Therefore, some efforts that can be carried out are purchase of the work, grant/donation from artists, and other agency donation works of entrusted goods in order to be displayed in the future museum in a certain contract period.

A network constellation which is also important for the development benchmark of JNM is the initiation of cooperating with several art communities and foremost agencies, local, national and international.

Currently, the JNM Compound occupies the of 1,4 ha, and still continues to develop, beautify itself and increase facilities of the public’s service. Apart from JNM Art Shop, Situs Kriya canteen, Free Hot Spot Area, in the future, JNM will increase its facilities with studio and guesthouse for residential program, RJ Katamsi Room, contemporary art library, JNM Music Shop, JNM Coffee shop as a melting pot of artists, and art supplies shop.