Independent Space

Ioana Vais

Cupșeni, Romania


  • 197 Cupseni, near Targu Lapus
  • Cupșeni
  • Maramureș County
  • 437130
  • Romania

Opening times

9 to 21
from 22nd of July to 5th of August 2016

Travel Information

Bus: Cluj to Targu Lapus
Train: Bucharest to Cluj


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Art Holidays Romania provides painting courses in Maramures, the beautiful and relatively undiscovered north western area of Transylvania

“In Europe you can barely find a place where ancient traditions are so respected as in north-western Romania, where the customs and domestic universe remain unchanged”. Romania Travel

Lonely Planet listed Transylvania at Number One of the best places in the world to travel in 2016 and National Geographic named Maramures as one of best European destinations in 2015.

The house itself is situated on a hill at the edge of the village of Cupseni, in Lapus County, surrounded by hills which are either forested or used for agricultural land.  There is a 20 minute walk into the village where there are still to be seen local people in traditional garb and horse-drawn carts. You will be enchanted by the village traditional wooden church dedicated to St Elijah (“Sf Ilie”) build in XVIII century.


Exhibiting artists