Art Fair

Inspired by Becker





The Inspire by Becker Art Society curates an annual exhibition of contemporary art made by over 30 professional artists, some new each year. The 3 day event draws over 500 visitors each year to a small village in Suffolk.  The work presented is inspired by some element of the work of Harry Becker who lived in the village in the early part of the 20th century. Artists and collectors are drawn to his vibrant and powerful paintings made largely plein air, capturing the laste years of unmechanised farming in England and Europe. His work is raw and dripping with the sweat of these workers in the field. Contemporary artists respond in a wide range of styles from abstract to hyper realism. Its a show centred around respect and admiration for energetic mark making and never fails to please the audience it attracts. The society aims to raise awareness of this too much overlooked body of work and to celebrate his contribution to England's artistic heritage.