Inarte Werkkunst Gallery

Berlin, Germany


  • Otawistraße 3
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 13351
  • Germany

Opening times

10.30/13.00 - 14.00/18.00

Works of art, in the form of paintings and sculptures are still today, after millennia of civilisation, the privileged way in which great masters communicate ethical, cultural and spiritual values to shed light on contemporary society.

InArte was born in 2004 in Milan, a history, art and culture rich metropolis. Always at the forefront of the discovery of young artists and the appreciation of the works of the great masters of the 1900s, today InArte is a reference point for over 3000 art collectors from Italy and beyond, who have put their trust in this gallery activities.

The main objective held for over a decade since the founding of InArte Gallery is the promotion, by means of important cultural events sponsored by institutional bodies, of the artistic expression of contemporary authors; in the era of globalisation, current artists face the world with new techniques (artistic photos), new approaches (digital and kinetic) and ever more frequently involving active performances.

In 2014, after much hard work, InArte Gallery expanded with the opening of a new branch –InArteWerkkunst– in Berlin. Currently the esteemed European destination for contemporary artists, Berlin stands out for a mix of originality and regeneration of urban and social framework that directly supports artistic expression directly.

It’s in this German wing of the gallery where, challenged by a new market, InArte Werkkunst, having always been at the forefront in the photography field, dedicated itself to the fascinating world of artistic photography.
For logistical reasons in April 2015 InArte Werkkunst moved its headquarters from Milan to Bergamo becoming European Union Art Expert office, a Partner Association which organises and promotes artistic and cultural projects in National Civic Museums. With the opening of the headquarters in Piazzale Loverini (BG), not only has the research for new artistic talent continued but InArte is also able to pay more attention to the gallery’s exhibitions. From then there has been a series of exhibitions, with over 200 previews of individual and group exhibitions (in Italy, Germany and other galleries) and over 50 events designed to build trust with the gallery’s collectors, joining art shows around Germany (Berliner Liste, Art München, Pul’Art Puheim’Koln, Art Frankfurt, Art Cologne, Kölner Liste) and Europe (Art Basel, WiennaContemporaryPrint, Art Fair London, Artinnsbruck, ExpoArte, Arte Padova, Affordable Art Fair Milan and many more).

In 2016 InArte became an auction house with the view of making works of art an alternative type of investment. Investing in art, if done professionally, can give interesting returns even compared to investment in stocks, also giving the holder an “artistic dividend”: enjoying the work of art. Art is considered an alternative asset class which reduces volatility of the investment and increases productivity. Just in the last five years, a period in which the art industry showed signs of generalised weakness, the comparison between different types of investments was in favour of art. In addition, a work of art isn’t taxed, which also includes any potential increased value in the art market.

Data published in the latest edition of Art & Finance Report of Deloitte /ArtTactic clearly states: 76% of art collectors buy art for pleasure, but with an eye on future economic return. Only a small part (3%) claim they only buy art considering it a mere economical investment.

The InArte staff, formed mainly of art experts, answers all the client’s demands, promoting the buying and selling of art at the best possible price and in complete transparency. Over the years dedication and competence have allowed a happy presence in the art market and a sharp taste for the “beautiful” which guarantees a trust based relationship with its clients.


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