Art Fair

ICONIC Digital Biennale




Who are we?

ICONIC team unites art experts (curators) and professionals at blockchain (ICObench & EL)


What for?

  • Art market has some disadvantages:
  • Authenticity of ownership
  • Dubious pricing
  • Closed ART community

Blockchain allows make Art community open, rise confidence and bring a new audience.


  • All purchases are recorded in the blockchain and have proof of ownership on the blockchain.
  • Everyone can follow the price from the first purchase
  • Open Art community with comfortable interface

For whom?

  • Digital artists: get a wider audience of investors.
  • New generation of connoisseurs of art, modern business, e-commerce gain access to New Media Art with possibility of legal buying and using.
  • Investor for resale

Who does participate?

ICONIC biennale artists and any other artists whom arts are accepted by curators


Rules for artists

Artwork’s price is by artist. Artworks have participated at ICONIC Biennale are coming with set prices.

Multiple artworks by one artist are welcome.

  • How it works for artists:

Register on the website

Upload the artwork

Specify the details: drawing technique, description, year of creation, price in ETH

Curators accept the artwork or not

If accepted — love, share, like

Artist gets 70% by every sold artwork.

  • How it works for a collector

Register on the website

Choose the artwork

Buy it using ETH

Buyer purchases a commercial license, best quality image by email, printed image.

Buyer gets all rights to commercial or personal use. Collector can restore artwork.

  • Registration for artists:

First and last name




Profile photo


User url (


Wallet address

  • Registration for Buyer:

First and last name


Address Line






Password (to track your shipment)

Copyright automatically check image for originality. It founds 1-3 match we check it manually (maybe artist posted it on his website for portfolio)

For images with 4 and more matches we can’t create the ICONICart certificate   


ICONIC Art Market — online marketplace to sale digital art (drawings)

ICONICart — certificate of ownership on blockchain

ICONIC artist — artist who has at least 1 acceptes